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March 2015

IPU Review Good Merchandising Article March 2015


 December 2014

PMM is delighted to include Iarnrod Eireann to their portfolio of nationwide clients for 2015…………

Iarnrod Eireann

November 2014 Retail News

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

 Great Advice from a Diamond Ring Salesman!

Diamond Engagement Ring by PMM

 There are many different methods ring shoppers use in order to search for the perfect engagement ring.

It can be a daunting task to say the least. There are so many choices, designers and styles. It’s no wonder to me that many, if not most, people get frustrated and basically end up going with the last place they land just because they are ready for the experience to be over.

This saddens me. I believe it should be a joyous occasion and celebration of love for those who are about to share their lives’ together forever.

Here are several tips that will make it easier and, more importantly, fun! This is one of the most sentimental, meaningful and indicative pieces of jewelry a person may bear in their lifetime.

I think the experience should be something you remember as fondly as you do the piece you choose to wear for the rest of your life.

Decide On A Diamond Shape

When searching for the perfect ring, a lot of what hinges on which mounting you choose is impacted by what works best with the size and shape of which diamond you choose. Often, I find a person who falls in love with a particular shape really does themselves a favor by narrowing the mounting choices to a style and design that fits it best.

While I do agree it is empowering to have a vast amount of choices, it really helps to be able to figure out what truly catches your eye from a centerpiece standpoint. In my experience, everyone tends to fall in love with a particular shape at some point in the process. Figuring this out early on truly makes the process more fun and efficient for you and your significant other.

Organize Your Bling Priorities

There can be a frustrating moment when you find exactly what you want, but can’t afford it due to budget. It can really take the fun out of the entire shopping experience. Go in to the process with a clear & concise set of priorities.

Ask yourself things like: Do I want a larger stone? Would I sacrifice size for more sparkle?

I always recommend spending more money in the diamond. But if a very intricate, detailed & labor intensive designed mounting is more your thing, then by all means, go with it. The best method is just to try to figure that out early on in the process.

In almost every sale I’ve ever made, something has to be sacrificed to hit a comfortable price point.

For my money, I would choose quality over quantity any day of the week.

That said, minute changes in quality can make a big difference in price. Therefore, which size you can afford. If you have your heart set on a larger stone, go with it, but be careful not to compromise too much on the quality. The sparkle will never wane, but the size factor will wear off after a few months.

In the end, you want to make sure that this is a stone that you can love for a lifetime.

Research To Find What You Love

Taking the time to browse through magazines and online is a great way to get started on the right path. I find that people who have an idea through visuals come in more prepared with a basic idea of the price and what they love.

The result is that the rings don’t all run together. If you get a thread of commonality of what you want, you will know it even more when you see it in the store.

This is especially true after looking in multiple stores. Eventually, all of these rings can start to look alike. Select your favorites online and/or earmark magazine ads. Once you get to the store, you will find which pieced you loved on the page or screen will resonate for you once you try them on in-store.

Decide Which Metal is Best For You

Decide which metal material and color you like best. You have many options. Colors include white, yellow or rose for the most part. Talk to your jewelry professional and make sure they explain everything from gold content, white metal types, factors of durability, longevity, price and even allergy issues.

My best advice is to research online on various sites first and then ask a trusted jeweler to explain the differences to you.

Also, it never hurts to ask your friends and relatives for their own opinions. White metal is still the most common choice, but you might want something different like rose gold. Decide what excites you. But don’t forget about the durability and longevity factor in all of this. You’re (hopefully) going to be wearing this for a lifetime. Unless, of course, you upgrade. That, I can always help you with. 🙂

Take a Break

If, after doing all this, you still find yourself in that “lost in a ring shopping maze” funk, just step away from the experience for a little bit.

Yes, you heard me right! The jewelry salesmen is telling you to stop shopping for jewelry.

Once you put a little bit of distance between you and the experience, the cream will rise to the top. Even though you may have LOVED it at the time, if you cannot remember the ring or where you saw it a week later, it probably wasn’t the one.

Give yourself a little breather. More often that not, that special one will stand out from all of the other options you explored.

The ring that you remember and the stone that you cannot get out of your mind; that is almost always the one. If nothing stands out, then you might want to start from step one and try to find the ring that’s right for you with a fresh set of eyes.


October 2014

PMM has been selected as the Connachtwinner of the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Award. TV film crew spent Thursday 30Th October at the Company Headquarters in Collooney, Sligo. PMM will represent the West of Ireland at the National Finals to be held in The Mansion House Dublin on 4th December…………

Merchandising Marketing Ireland PMM Ulster bank AChievers Award 2015

September 2014

The Directors of PMM today announced their association with global star, Sheryl Crow to mark the celebrations for their 25 years in business. Sheryl is the headline act at Sligo LIVE concert on Sunday 26th October 2014, her only Irish concert.. PMM are inviting their clients from UK and Ireland to join directors, management and staff as VIP guests at the superb Knocknarea Arena in IT Sligo.